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The Urban Voice

Every month in the Urban Voice magazine, the Black Community Health & Wellness Association will have a featured article in the “Community Health & Wellness” section. As collective health professionals based in Southern Nevada, but altogether serving our Silver State community at large these articles will primarily focus on current issues in black and minority health, and involve discussions concerning national policies, laws, regulations, and systemic challenges that affects black communities.

Dreamsickle Kids Foundation, Incorporated

The Black Community Health & Wellness Association helped raise over $600, as an official sponsor of the 5th Annual Las Vegas Sickle Cell Walk , which will go towards Sickle Cell Disease (SCD) educational programming, initiatives, and research for other rare genetic diseases that inadvertently affect African Americans.

Women in Public Health (WIPH)

The Black Community Health & Wellness Association was able to help donated $2,000 towards WIPH’s scholarship program this year. We hope to make this an annual scholarship project opportunity! Congratulations to the first Women in Public Health’s 2022 American Public Health Association (APHA) Annual Meeting & Exhibition scholarship recipients. These women are trailblazing new pathways in public health and are awesome professional role models. Thank you to WIPH’s Founder Hope King, PhD, MSPH for giving us the opportunity to be a part of this wonderful and growing group of diverse women and industry leaders.


Women Decision Makers

The Black Community Health & Wellness Association sponsored two raffle prize gifts to Young Law Group’s (quarterly) Women Decision Makers’ Breakfast that featured a special “Meet the Judges & Candidates” panel discussion. The raffle prizes included Yves Saint Laurent Mone Paris Lumiere perfume and Opium Body moisturizer. Check out our raffle prize winners below:

Toys 4 Tots

In partnership with the Dreamsickle Kids Foundation, Incorporated, the Black Community Health & Wellness Association will be hosting a holiday toy drive with Toys for Tots of Las Vegas in December 2022 that will incorporate community health fair. Please follow us on our social media pages for updates! #bchwanv #bchwa

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