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Glahnnia Rates, MSHS, CCHW II
Founder & President


Glahnnia "Renee" Rates is an esteemed epidemiologist recognized for her unwavering commitment to public health and significant contributions to underserved communities. She currently serves as a key member of the CDC Foundation within the Office of State Epidemiology for the State of Nevada, where she leads initiatives aimed at enhancing healthcare and public health outcomes across diverse environments.

In her role, Renee partners with healthcare and childcare facilities throughout urban, rural, and frontier regions. She is deeply engaged in the prevention, monitoring, and management of both chronic and communicable diseases, focusing particularly on reducing health disparities. Her approach combines rigorous research, detailed investigations, and targeted health education programs.

Beyond her professional roles, Renee is a passionate advocate, educator, and speaker. She actively engages with community leaders locally and nationally, striving to bolster public health initiatives that significantly aid underserved groups. Renee is dedicated to developing innovative solutions that ensure equitable access to high-quality healthcare services and supports efforts to enhance diversity and inclusion within workplace settings.

Renee's leadership extends to her role as President of the APHA Black Caucus of Health Workers, where she spearheads initiatives aimed at promoting health equity. She is also the founder and President of the Black Community Health & Wellness Association of Nevada, a nonprofit organization dedicated to addressing the distinct challenges encountered by communities of African descent and other marginalized groups.

A visionary in public health advocacy, Renee's career is distinguished by her dedication to eradicating healthcare disparities and advancing equitable access to quality care. Her leadership, educational endeavors, and extensive community engagement position her as a powerful advocate in public health, continually driving positive change and striving towards a more equitable future for all communities.

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