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Chidinma Oparaugo, MHA
Co-Founder & Treasurer


Chidinma "Chi Chi" Oparaugo, as a Clinical Quality Analyst, has had direct experiences that underscore the significant impacts pivotal moments in healthcare can have on patient advocacy. Starting her career in roles that placed her directly in patient interactions, she often acted as an essential conduit between patients and healthcare providers. One notable incident in a clinic involved an elderly woman who spoke her language but had difficulty communicating with the staff. By stepping in to translate, Chi Chi not only bridged the communication gap but also significantly improved the woman's care experience, underscoring the critical roles of accessibility and empathy in healthcare.


Beyond these individual moments, her advocacy impacts more systemic healthcare issues. In one instance, she identified a patient incorrectly prescribed an antibiotic to which they were resistant. Her prompt action to notify the care facility led to a swift correction in the treatment plan, preventing ineffective treatment and combating antibiotic resistance—a major public health issue. In her current role, she is committed to using her accumulated knowledge to enhance healthcare standards and outcomes. She works diligently to ensure that insights gained from direct patient care lead to broader systemic improvements, continuously advocating for the highest standard of patient treatment. Her dedication positions her as a key asset in the ongoing mission to elevate patient advocacy and care quality.

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