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Serigne Diakhate


Serigne “Mara” Diakhate, originally from Senegal and now a US citizen, is a seasoned entrepreneur whose career has taken him across Africa, North America, Europe, and Asia. As a dedicated pan-Africanist, he is the Founder and CEO of Da’African Village, a nonprofit organization aimed at creating a "bridge of togetherness" between Africa and the global community. His organization's mission is to celebrate and disseminate the rich culture and traditions of West Africa around the world.

Mara holds a deep conviction in the significance of understanding one's heritage to effectively plan for the future. This belief drives his commitment to educating people on the history, culture, and languages of West Africa, which he considers his life’s mission.

Beyond his nonprofit endeavors, Mara runs "Mara Imports & Traders," an African import/export business based in Los Angeles, CA, bringing distinctive African products to the international market, such as handcrafted instruments, handwoven baskets, and vibrant handbags. He has also established an African gifts and décor store in Las Vegas and New Orleans, called Africa Love.

Mara is a recognized figure in the travel and tourism sector, having guided celebrities like Serena Williams, Jessie Jackson, Lauryn Hill, Ky-Mani Marley, and Jimmy Cliff. His insights into West African culture have culminated in the publication of "Talking Wolof with Da’African Village," a detailed guide that assists travelers in navigating communication in West Africa.

Committed to driving economic development that benefits local communities, Mara focuses on micro-level initiatives through Da’African Village, prioritizing job creation and sustainable micro-enterprises. His approach advocates for locally driven economic growth, fostering organic development from the ground up.

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