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Bold Journey Podcast

Our president, Glahnnia “Renee” Rates, was recently featured in a podcast interview with Bold Journey magazine! This insightful discussion delved into the vital role of health and wellness in preventing illness and burnout, and offered perspectives from a diverse array of health professionals. Checkout this episode here.


Renee discussed the inception of BCHWA which was sparked by her firsthand experiences with the healthcare system's shortcomings in Nevada and the dire need for holistic and inclusive health initiatives. She emphasized that her motivation stemmed from the glaring health disparities and the insufficient holistic programs available to Black and minority communities in the state.

"BCHWANV has focused on creating culturally appropriate programs that cater specifically to the needs of the community, advocating for systemic changes that ensure equitable access to healthcare services." Read the complete interview here


Bold Journey Magazine

Renee was featured in an engaging interview where she shared insights on her experiences and challenges within the healthcare industry. Throughout the discussion, Renee talked about the recurring challenge of being the only person of color in many professional settings and how she successfully navigated these environments. She emphasized the importance of being well-prepared and knowledgeable, which has empowered her to effectively contribute to conversations and initiatives.


Renee also highlighted the significance of building strong networks and fostering collaborative efforts that support public health policies and practices focused on equity and inclusion. Her commitment to addressing health disparities and enhancing community well-being through the BCHWA and other initiatives showcases her impactful journey and dedication to creating a more inclusive healthcare environment. This interview is a testament to the powerful role that expertise, resilience, and dedication to social justice play in driving meaningful change. Read the full interview here

Voyage LA Magazine

In her interview, Renee discussed her inspiring journey from her initial role as a community health educator to her current position as an epidemiologist dedicated to advancing health equity. She shared the challenges she faced, including balancing extensive work hours with her studies and her unwavering commitment to public health. Her experiences led her to establish BCHWA to address health disparities in Nevada, particularly among African descent and other minority populations.


The organization, under her leadership, now offers comprehensive health programs, community education, and supports other nonprofits to extend its impact on health and wellness within underserved communities. You can read about BCHWA's ongoing dedication to creating a healthier and more equitable community here

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