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Shawnetta Newburn, BSN, RN
Co-Founder & Vice President


Shawnetta Newburn brings over 18 years of diverse experience in healthcare to her new role as a registered nurse. Her journey began as a nursing assistant, where she entered the field with the aspiration to change the world and a deep commitment to helping as many people as possible. However, Shawnetta quickly realized that not all her colleagues shared her dedication. While many were driven by good intentions, she observed that a minority appeared indifferent, which she attributes to the prevalent issue of burnout among healthcare workers. This burnout often results in a lack of compassion, leading to patient neglect and mistreatment, especially among minority patients.

Shawnetta's personal and professional experiences have made her acutely aware of the discrimination that can pervade healthcare settings. She has witnessed and personally experienced discrimination as a Black woman, observing that patients of color often bear the brunt of unfair treatment. She has seen healthcare staff stereotype patients based on race, demographics, and medical conditions that disproportionately affect people of color.


As a healthcare provider, Shawnetta is committed to ensuring that all patients are aware of their rights and receive the advocacy they deserve, with special attention to the underserved. Upon completing her nursing degree, she recited the Nightingale Pledge, committing to practice with dignity and to eschew allowing religion, nationality, race, or social standing to interfere with her duties to her patients. Inspired by this pledge, Shawnetta emphasizes the importance of all healthcare workers making a similar commitment to safeguard and advocate for their patients, regardless of their circumstances.

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