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Glahnnia Rates, MSHS, CCHW II
Founder & President


Glahnnia "Renee" Rates is an accomplished epidemiologist known for her comprehensive expertise and dynamic leadership in public health. Serving as an Epidemiologist at the CDC Foundation and Community Health Worker Instructor with the Healthy Communities Coalition of Lyon & Storey Counties, Renee spearheads critical initiatives designed to enhance healthcare outcomes and address public health disparities across diverse environments, from urban to remote regions.

Renee's professional journey is marked by over twelve years of in-depth experience in public health. Her commitment to improving health equity is evident through her innovative approaches to epidemiological studies and health education, which aim to elevate healthcare standards and reduce disparities.


A staunch advocate for equitable health access, Renee holds several key leadership positions. She is the President of the American Public Health Association (APHA) Black Caucus of Health Workers and the Founder and President of the Black Community Health & Wellness Association (BCHWA) of Nevada. In these roles, she focuses on promoting health equity and providing support to underserved communities. Her work includes the development of policies, health education campaigns, and community-based interventions that drive significant public health improvements.


Renee has earned a Master of Science in Health Science, specializing in Healthcare Informatics, from the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley's Department of Health & Biomedical Sciences. She also holds a Bachelor of Science in Public Health, graduating Cum Laude, from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas' School of Public Health, where she was honored as the Outstanding Graduate Awardee in 2018.

Renee actively participates on several key boards, showcasing her deep commitment to public health and community service. She is a member of the Board of Directors for Women in Public Health (WIPH), an organization dedicated to empowering women in health professions. She also serves on the State of Nevada-Governor's Advisory Board for Bicycle and Pedestrian Safety, contributing to initiatives that bolster public safety and encourage active transportation. Additionally, Renee lends her expertise to the Dreamsickle Kids Foundation, which supports children and their families affected by sickle cell and other rare genetic diseases across the United States. She is also a member of the Community Advisory Board for the Southern Nevada Health District's Family Planning Community Clinic, aimed at enhancing family health services throughout Southern Nevada. In these capacities, Renee helps shape health policies and champions the needs of vulnerable groups within her community.


Renee's distinguished career and ongoing commitment to community service highlight her dedication to a healthier future for all through leadership, education, prevention, and advocacy.

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