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Community Programs





Our team of skilled health professionals is ready to meet the distinctive needs of your organization with an extensive range of health education services. We offer expertise in several crucial areas, including:

  • Prevention and management of chronic diseases

  • Prevention, surveillance, and control of infectious diseases

  • Improving access to healthcare and enhancing its quality and effectiveness

  • Promoting health across urban, rural, and frontier areas

  • Counseling and prevention strategies for addictive behaviors

  • Training programs focused on diversity, equity, and inclusion

  • Specialized educational resources for immigrants, refugees, and asylum seekers

We are dedicated to delivering customized solutions that address the unique challenges and demands of your organization, ensuring you receive the most effective support possible.

Pathways to Health: 
Public Health Advocacy, Education & Promotion Program

African American Scholars Program



The BCHWA is delighted to introduce the African American Scholars Program. This initiative is designed to support African-American students in their pursuit of higher education by providing scholarships to assist with tuition expenses. In addition to financial aid, the program offers mentorship and career guidance to foster students' academic and professional success.

Participants in the African American Scholars Program will also have access to a wealth of resources aimed at preparing them for the workforce. This includes workshops and seminars focused on leadership and career development. Through this comprehensive support system, the BCHWA is dedicated to aiding African American students in achieving their educational and career aspirations.

University of Nevada, Las Vegas 
School of Public Health
Glahnnia Rates Undergraduate
Access & Equity Scholarship Endowment

The BCHWA supports the Glahnnia Rates Undergraduate Access & Equity Scholarship Endowment at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV), a generous and important award dedicated to supporting BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color) students pursuing an undergraduate degree in public health. This scholarship endowment was created to ensure that undergraduate students experiencing financial hardships can assess their educational goals and potential. Through this scholarship, we hope to provide BIPOC students with the financial support they need to reduce their financial burden and focus on their studies. We recognize the unique challenges these students face and are proud to offer scholarship that can help them reach their goals and make a positive impact in public health.

Temitope Muyiwa Akintoye

African Immigrant & Refugee Scholarship Program

We have developed this scholarship for African immigrants and refugees who recently arrived in theUnited States. We aim to recognize and reward the hard work, resilience, and dedication of these individuals as they embark their new journey in the U.S. This scholarship is designed to provide financial support to those in need and to help create a brighter future for African immigrants and refugees. We believe everyone should have access to resources and support that will allow them to reach their full potential and contribute to their community.

 Public Health Research Fellows Program

An initiative dedicated to advancing the well-being of Black and minority communities through research, advocacy, mentorship and education. This fellowship offers a unique opportunity for passionate and aspiring public health professionals to engage in impactful community-based projects that are tailored to address pressing health disparities. The program provides support to an inspiring new generation of health leaders committed to dismantling health disparities and promoting healthier lives for all.


If you are interested in supporting, participating in, or utilizing the services of one of our programs, please send us a message using the link below.

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Please fill out this form to request assistance or resources from our organization. We are here to support you and will do our best to respond to your needs promptly.

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