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Georgene’ Glass, BA, CCHW I

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Georgene' "Gina" Glass is the visionary founder and Executive Director of Dreamsickle Kids Foundation, Inc., the pioneering Sickle Cell Disease (SCD) organization in Nevada. Established in 2018, her organization has spearheaded SCD support and advocacy across the state. Under her leadership, Dreamsickle Kids successfully advocated for the passage of Nevada's first Sickle Cell bill, AB254, which has significantly improved access to SCD-specific medications and established a state registry to track the SCD patient count accurately.

In addition to her role at Dreamsickle Kids, Georgene' serves as the Vice Chair of the Nevada Rare Disease Advisory Council, which was formed in 2019. As a mother of a child with SCD, she is deeply committed to raising awareness and support for SCD and other rare diseases in Nevada. This personal commitment drove the expansion of her foundation in 2020 to include support for all rare diseases within the state.

Georgene' is also an author, having penned "The Tale of the Cell," a children's book that offers a poignant yet entertaining look at the realities of living with SCD through the eyes of her daughter, Gia. The book aims to educate and inspire resilience among young readers affected by SCD.

Holding a B.S in Criminal Justice and specialized training as a Community Health Worker from the Sickle Cell Disease Association of America, Georgene' is well-equipped to advocate effectively for those with SCD. Her work focuses on children’s health, family health, health equity, and legislative advocacy, making significant strides in improving lives and shaping health policies in Nevada.

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