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Satara M. Cooley, BA

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Satara M. Cooley is a passionate outdoor educator committed to increasing the visibility of Black professionals in her field. Following a transition from her corporate career, she embraced a path that integrated her lifelong enthusiasm for sports with a burgeoning interest in outdoor pursuits. While raising two children in the District of Columbia, Satara embraced the great outdoors, engaging in activities like fishing, hiking, and camping. This passion expanded after relocating to Las Vegas, where she joined Outdoor Afro, an organization committed to fostering African American connections with nature. She rapidly rose to become the Regional Lead for the West Coast.

In her role as Regional Lead, Satara mentors and guides a community of outdoor leaders. She is currently a retail specialist at Recreation Equipment Incorporated (REI), where she previously worked as an outdoor instructor, deepening her knowledge and skills in various aspects of outdoor life. Certified in wilderness first aid and as an American Canoe Association kayak and canoe instructor, she also guides at Desert Adventures in Boulder City. Satara has played a key role in building community relationships and imparting outdoor skills through her work as the Outreach Program Coordinator for the “Outdoor Recreation Leader Program,” collaborating with multiple government agencies.

Satara also has a distinguished record of service as a Hospital Corpsman in the United States Navy, where she served for nine years, including as a first responder during the 9/11 attack on the Pentagon.

During her free time, Satara volunteers at the Desert Wildlife Refuge at Corn Creek, assisting at the visitor center. She enjoys a wide range of activities such as hiking, running, road and mountain biking, backpacking, and kayaking, demonstrating her dedication to an active, health-oriented lifestyle that bridges urban and wilderness environments.

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